1817 Lenow Rd.

Cordova, Tn 38018

Telephone: +1 901 388 3432

*Bi-Weekly & Weekly Services: A $4 surcharge will be added every additonal 10 minutes after the 1st hour of service.

As a pool company after our customer's satisfaction, we provide other irregular services as well as the ones listed here.

A few of your additional services consist of stain treatments and drain and cleans. Both are popular within our company, and our technicians have performed them many times. We also offer a vacuum only service. Most of the time these are customers who tend their own pool but do not have the equipment to do a full vacuum efficently. During the winter months, many of our customers go to a once a month service (based on a four week cycle). Other customers sign up for our cover service which means one of our technicians will come out to make sure your cover - tarp, solid, or safety - is not weighted down with water or debris. If it is, we blow/clean it off for you. As you can see, just about any service you need is avaible within this company. We work hard year-round to offer the best service in the Greater Memphis Area. So, please, feel free to call our office any time for pricing on these additional services.