POOL company

1817 Lenow Rd.

Cordova, Tn 38018

Telephone: +1 901 388 3432

All equipment/parts installed or replaced are subject to the maunfacturer's warranty. Labor is warrantied from installation errors, leaks, etc. for six months after repair on the component that was repaired or replaced. This warranty does not cover abuse/misuse, neglect, freeze damage, adjacent components or equipment, acts of god, vandalism, or terrorism to be determined by our sole discretion.

All leak detections have a 30 day warranty. We consider pools leak free if we do not hear otherwise within 30 days. We strongly recommend that you run a 24-on test to verify that you do not have any more water loss than 1/4" in a 24 hour period. Any leak detections initiated after the 30-day warranty period will be considered a new event and standard rates will apply.

All patches made underwater regardless of patch material (vinyl, epoxy, plaster, etc.) or location are subject to the 30-day warranty period. Subterranean pipe repairs are guaranteed for five years after job completion.




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