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Repair Department Head

Sean Powers



It is never convenient when pool equipment fails which is why we pride ourselves on our expedient response to your pool’s needs. We prioritize “downed” systems, or systems that cannot run without risk of further damage to equipment or significant water loss. Additionally, we always try to locate and replace the damaged part or component rather than recommending a complete unit replacement in efforts to keep your repair costs down.

Our repairs department is committed to repairing/ upgrading your old or damaged equipment in a timely and professional manner. We offer free quotes on all major repairs and can frequently complete smaller repairs while on-site, with approval. We strive to remain competitive in our pricing, but will not substitute a less-than-quality product in order to beat out competitors. Let us help you get the most out of your pool equipment to minimize your stress and maximize your enjoyment!

In addition to standard repairs and replacements, we can also completely renovate your system. Pool installations have been increasing in popularity since the 1960’s. This means that there are quite a large number of pool systems that are outdated, inefficient, and in need of significant overhaul. An older system has frequently been worked on, added to, made to work, etc. which can make for a very confusing and difficult system to operate. We can streamline your system to make it more efficient and easy-to-use. Contact us to learn how we can help your pool be less of a stressor!

Before Renovation After Renovation

We work on all types of pool equipment and have many services available including, but not limited to:

Pool Pumps • Booster/ Auxiliary Pumps • Filters • Chlorinators • Salt Systems • Valves • PVC Plumbing • Timers • Ladders/Rails

Automation Controls • Heaters • Ozonators • Freeze Protection • Sand Changes • Pool Lights • Main Drains

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