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2015 Pattern Collection

Our collection of patterns features only the most desirable choices of colors and styles. Through trial and experience, we have learned which patterns look best in a swimming pool. As a company, we only select the pattern designs that meet our highest standards. The pattern you select will look just as beautiful in your pool as it does in our brochure or showroom. What you see, is what you get - high quality, best designed patterns, reliable team, and a smile on your face from beginning to end.


Below are the patterns we are offering in 2015. Please pay close attention to the icons and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Dolphin Island Liner Pattern Ocean Wave Liner Pattern Mayan Liner Pattern Carmel Liner Pattern Cheyenne Liner Pattern

Dolphin Island


Ocean Wave Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo


Carmel Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo

Cheyenne Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo

Baton Rouge Liner Pattern Destin Liner Pattern Key Wst Liner Pattern Cape Cod Liner Pattern Montego Bay Liner Pattern

Baton Rouge




Key West

Cape Cod

Montego Bay Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo

Sandstone Liner Pattern Rome Liner Pattern Santa Fe Liner Pattern Tuscany Liner Pattern Nassau Liner Pattern

Sandstone Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo



Santa Fe



Cayman Liner Pattern Capri Liner Pattern

Cayman Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo


Available in the Sure Step Pattern Collection = Sure Step Pattern Collection Logo


Patterned After Gunite

Give your pool the look of a pebble-bottom pool with the Poolscapes Liner Collection. From the richest earth tones to reflections of the deep blue sea, the colors and textures in the Poolscapes Collections will bring new life to your pool. Up-cycling is easy when you hire Advantage to make it happen. Give us a call today!

Aquarius Tahoe Blue Liner Pattern Aztec Cobalt Aqua Blue Liner Pattern Aztec Barley Sand Liner Pattern Bermuda Aqua Blue Liner Pattern Coastal Yacht Club Blue Liner Pattern Escapes Evening Blue Liner Pattern Verona Yacht Club Blue Liner Pattern




Cobalt Aqua


Barley Sand




Yacht Club




Yacht Club