1817 Lenow Rd.

Cordova, Tn 38018

Telephone: +1 901 388 3432



Cindy Shepherd

This is the owner of the company. The grandmother to us all. She has owned this company for over a decade and watched it as it has grown over the years. Her husband is the programer who designed and integrated the program for scheduling your appointments and keeping your balances in line. Together, this company works from the top down, keeping things running smoothly. Just as grandparents enjoy their kids and grandkids, Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd enjoy their employees and customers.


Fred Shepherd

As husband to the owner, and programmer for the company, Fred Shepherd has his hands full. He built the program that runs our scheduling, billing, and messaging from scratch. It alone keeps this company calm during the storms of the busy seasons. As if that task was not enough, he assists Brian Jowers with the service crew in making sure that everything runs smoothly and in order. When the tidal waves come crashing in, Fred's program stays afloat in order to provide customers with the best service we can provide.






Brian Jowers

New to the office, but not to the company, Brian Jowers rides the wake as Head of Services. Anything you need vacuumed or brushed, he can handle. As a technician that worked in the field who has floated his way up to the office, Brian knows our regular customer's pools and knows how to execute a successful service like the back of his hand. He works alongside the service crew to direct the best routes for time and pool efficency. He has been with our company for a few years now and can have your pool cleaned up and sparkling in no time at all.



Adam Schwartz

The owner's son-in-law, Adam Schwartz, oversees the hardscape and liner departments. His effiecncy in creative ideas and network connections give customers unique, one-of-a-kind designs with the most affordable price in the Greater Memphis Area. He has worked for Advantage Pools and Hardscapes from the beginning helping Cindy Shepherd grow in the numbers of happy and satisfied customers. As a child of Advantage Pools and Hardscapes, he embraces the new technology that approaches us all on a daily basis. When welcoming these new waves of innovation, Adam opens a floodgate to bigger and better waves of excitement in your pool life.



Sean Powers

As Adam Schwartz's best friend, Sean Powers is like another son. His position within the company is one that oversees all the repair work as the Head of Repairs for Advantage Pools and Hardscapes. His knowledge of equipment parts and functionality gains momentum as the years build behind his practice. Sean works with his repair team diligently to ensure customer satisfaction and to educate his team. Working here for many years, he has learned the in's and out's to your equipment and can help repair anything you throw his way.




Todd Hughes

Working as Adam and Sean's right-hand man, Todd Hughes reviews all the repair, liner, and hardscape work orders that come drifting in. As he keeps up with the on-going jobs both Adam and Sean acquire, he reinforces what the next steps are and what parts or tools will be needed during the process. Keeping up with multiple jobs can get tricky, so Todd doesn't just surf through the waters. He rides the waves as they come in day by day. After working here almost as long as Adam and Sean, plus starting in the field, Todd has figured out how to wade the waters without getting swept under.




Loren Gambrell

Working with Cindy, Loren Gambrell manages a little of everything. While she has her toes in the waters of services, she mainly handles the billing. While new to the company, she has conformed into the mold the company has needed her to fill. When she is not working with Cindy on billing or Brian with services, she controls what consumers see. She edits the company's website, and posts Facebook statuses to enlarge the waters of Advantage Pools and Hardscapes.

We all try our very best to make sure all of our customers are taken care of efficently and successfully. We have many long-term customers who have been with us for years, as well as newcomers each year. This growing business intakes a tidal wave of excitement every year. Choose wisely. Choose Advantage. You will end up being part of a family with a sparkling, blue pool.


MAY 25, 2015: Due to the Memorial Day holiday, we will be closed all day.

JULY 03, 2015: Due to the Fourth of July holiday, we will be closed all day.

SEPT. 07, 2015: Due to the Labor Day holiday, we will be closed all day.

NOV. 26-27, 2015: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we will be closed both days.

DEC. 24-25, 2015: Due to the Christmas holiday, we will be closed half a day on the 24th & all day on the 25th.

DEC. 31, 2015 - JAN. 1, 2016: Due to the New Year holiday, we will be closed half a day on the 31st & all day on the 1st.